What is this?

HopHub is a ride sharing platform that aims to simplify common commutes to and from events and thereby make the world a little bit better. No matter if you fill up your car, share a train ticket, arrive by bus, plan a bike tour or walk.

How does it work?

Create an event

You create a new event and share the link with potential attendees. Only people with the link can see the event.

Add an offer

People that want to propose a ride can now add an offer. This works for free seats in a car as well for a common train ride, a bus trip, a bike tour or a walk. No login is required, only an email address. As soon as the email address is confirmed, the offer is shown on the website so others can see it.

Add a request

People who are looking for a ride but don't see a matching offer yet can add a request. Also here, no login is required, only an email address.

Get in touch

When two parties match, they can get in touch with each other using a form on the website. The email address of the person reaching out is used as the Reply-To address, so the recipient can reply directly for further coordination.

No indexing by search engines

Search engines like Google or Bing are instructed not to index the events and the corresponding offers and requests using special tags. Only people with the link can see the events.

Leave no traces

Offers, requests and events are automatically and permanently removed from the database after they have expired.

The project

HopHub is an open source project developed by a small team of volunteers. We are not a company and we don't have any commercial interests. We don't annoy you with ads, don't share any data with third parties. We only store the data that is absolutely necessary for the operation of the platform. More about this in our Privacy policy and Terms of service.

If you want to report a bug, suggest a feature, add a translation or submit a PR, you can find the source code on GitHub.

HopHub is completely free and will always be.

About this instance

You are on the reference instance of HopHub. We created this instance to allow you to easily organize ride shares without having to maintain your own infrastructure.

If you intend to use HopHub for larger organizations and many events per year, consider running your own instance.